A common party activity in which two people hold another person's feet while the person's hands hold onto the keg. Another person holds the tap in their mouth until they give the signal to stop, and everyone else counts. The object of this activity is to chug beer from the keg upside down for as long as possible.
Colin Powell: "Mr. President, I strongly suggest you look at these files reporting a possible imminent terrorist threat on American soil."
W: "Uh, just a second, I'm in the middle of some important business. All right, Dick, get my left foot...Laura, get my right foot, and Jenna, you get the tap. I'm gonna suck this baby dry! Woo-wee!"
Janet Reno (opens the door): (in a low, bellowing voice) "Did somebody say 'kegstands'? Let me at it!"
by Nick D August 30, 2004
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Just like a regular kegstand, except the spout is inserted into the anus as onlookers chant the number of seconds the participant can withstand the ice-cold beer entering his/her rectum.
Q: Why does this beer taste like ass?

A: The spout was in Johnnie's ass.

Q: Reverse kegstand?

A: Yes.
by ALARM-DMMR August 20, 2010
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1)A kegstand done by someone who listens to 'emo' music while the people holding him/her up sing emo music.

2)A kegstand that lasts for two seconds, usually followed by the kegstander crying afterwards
1)Josh is such an emokid. We all sang 'Screaming Infidelities' while he was doing a kegstand. It was an Emo Kegstand!

2)Gmiter is such a pussy, he can only do Emo Kegstands.
by Josh December 5, 2004
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A variation on the traditional motorboat, in which a friend holds your legs up in the air, like a kegstand, while you have your hands on the girls shoulders and your face in her chest.
I can't believe he kegstand motorboated her. his legs were over her head!
by meags8003 July 31, 2011
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When someone takes a bottle of knob creek, shoves it in his ass, does a handstand and consumes a fifth into his rectum. Immediately becoming impaired.
Hey man help me get this bottle of knob in my ass so I can do a Kentucky kegstand!!! I’m bout to get fucked up!!!
by Flowoid November 29, 2018
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When you sit on the tap, and have your lover squeeze it into your mouth
Dude, he just did a gay kegstand for 15 seconds, and the tap went from black to brown
by Dan of A. November 7, 2009
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When a naked man does a handstand while another man holds him up by the ankles and eats his asshole while giving him a reach around.
We should try this great new move called The Tongue-Punch Kegstand, the fraternity will love it!
by Scrotum Hunter July 20, 2010
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