celebration where little kids dress up and get candy, teens dress up, get drunk, and go get candy, and adults dress up, get drunk, and give out candy, funny how things all work out.
im dressing up as a farmer for halloween. im so cool.
by smoochiecoochie October 28, 2003
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a kick ass holiday for two reasons:

(1) its the only day of the year you can dress up and demand candy from people you dont know

(2) It's Frank Iero's birtday.
(1) Kid: Give me candy! It's Halloween
Random Person: *hands kid snickers*

(2) Frank is awesome. You love him. you know you do.
by MCRFREAK October 31, 2005
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the day that makes the other 364 worth living.
by lush November 2, 2003
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Pagen holiday for celebration of nature and spirits/energy that Catholic's adapted and renamed "Eve of All Saint's Day" or "Hallowed Eve" (becoming "Halloween"). On this day - October 31st - people are encouraged to dress up and "trick ot treat" to fool the spirits that roam the earth.
Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I'm going to dress-up as a cat or Madonna for Halloween.

Are you going to the Halloween party at Karen's house?
by Karen Harley October 29, 2003
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It's when you dress up in either cheap, store-bought costumes or elaborate, self-made ones, watch Rocky Horror Picture Show, get your friends to do the Time Warp, and go on a severe candy binge. Until someone spoils your fun by reminding you that it's April.
Halloween is when you're supposed to beat up little kids dressed-up as Sponge Bob Square Pants.
by Arie November 4, 2003
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A holiday much like Spain's Day of the Dead. Everyone dresses up in costumes and little kids go around their neighboorhood trick-or-treating for candy. Pumpkins are carved and spooky decorations are set up.
In the spirit of halloween people decorate their house with spooky adornments (ie spiderwebs), but at my house we celebrate my birthday!!!! Go Halloween Babies!!
by kewldudette October 29, 2003
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