it’s the noise that the guy made while shit talking a goose..? bird-like thing
boi if you don’t get yo long palm tree necc ah. ou
by thepenisman March 04, 2020
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The description of being severly intoxicated by one or more mind-altering substances, e.g. gear
"Awwhhhh, that meth has gotten me ou' of it!!"
-Your daughter on her 12th birthday
by Waldo McLukeinstein February 02, 2009
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people at the university of oklahoma who are absolutely dumb as shit; most of these dudes have the IQ of a rock; will be completely useless in the real world
Those students at OU are so stupid, they're known as OU Tards.
by TurnM3Up November 07, 2019
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Straight up hoes at the University of Okla(HOE)ma who are hotspots for STDs with no shame about it. These bitches are ugly as shit who are hoeing 24/7 and have probably sucked every dick in Norman. Never fuck with an OU girl because she's a hoe and just stupid asf who just wants dick.
My girlfriend Hannah is going to OU, so I'm gonna break up with her because she's gonna be one of those OU girls.
by TurnM3Up December 09, 2019
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Plural form of OU tard. OU tards are people who either attend, "graduated" from, or are big fans of the University of Oklahoma aka TardU. Oklahoma is full them of them which explains why Oklahoma isn't a desirable place.
These damn OU tards always think it's natty szn but they literally have zero football intelligence.
by TurnM3Up December 10, 2019
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Anna ou is a reaction based on a video of Ru Paul’s Drag Race contestant, Jasmine Masters saying “And I- oop”
Trisha Paytas: *posts a picture of herself wearing a corn row wig*
instagram commenter: anna ou
by annaou May 04, 2019
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South Asian Student Association at OU. This is a group made up of Indian students who think they are promoting Indian culture and making an impact on the community at OU. The reality of the situation is that these niggas ain't really doing shit. This is just a ploy resume enhancer club that the Indians at OU are joining despite not really being about it. You can think of this club as a clown fest since it composed of all OU students which makes each of them an OU tard.
These OU tards always try to flex how they are a part of OU SASA and I always ask them what the club does and these niggas always freeze up because they can't think of a legit thing that the club has actually done.
by TurnM3Up December 14, 2020
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