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Out Of Stock. As in, a retailer is selling something and they ran out of it.
Check out this deal at somewebsite! It's a total steal! Oops, it's OOS.
by Anonymous_Cow April 23, 2006
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Out of Sync. Problem that used to plague Age of Mythology's online matchmaking service, ESO, until a patch fixed it. Any one player being "out of sync" would crash the game for all players involved. Only comes up now in rare instances.
Fizzuck, I got teh OoS and my game crashed. CURSES BE TO ZEUS!!
by Cataphract_40 September 21, 2004
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An expression used to display surprise, disgust, hatred, awe, excitement or acceptance. Oos is a flexible term that can be jammed into almost any scenario and still make sense. Its pronunciation is paramount in order to convey maximum effectiveness. the oo at the start is said the same way as the oo in book is pronounced, and the s is normal. Oo-s.
Billy: Oi Kurt, dare you to drink the bong water you pussy faggot
Kurt: Yeah righto mate, bottoms up shit head! (drinks bong water)
Billy: Oos!

Jameson: Oi check that bird with the nice ass.
Max: Oos bro that's one hell of a piece!
(chick turns around and reveals a proper hunchback from 300 face)
Jameson & Max: Ooooooss!!

Bob: Oi Jessup, a hundred bucks if you shoot a basket from the half-way line.
Jessup: You're on mate. (He shoots, he scores!)
Bob: Oos cunt. Here's a watermelon.

Dangles: Oi Wally, what do you get when you throw a baby down the stairs?
Wally: I don't know you bloody noonga. What?
Dangles: An erection!
Wally: Oos.
by the mother fucking judge November 05, 2013
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A tech term that means "Out of service"

It can be a site, server or a provider
Yahoo is now OOS

internet provider is OOS
by Omar AbuAli May 05, 2009
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The sound a vagina makes when a large object is thrust into it.
oos oos oos oos oos oos oos oos oos
by gabeZilla December 07, 2004
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1: Out of stock, as in a brand being sold out.
2: Out of style
1: Aw man! The shoes I wanted in my size are OOS!
2: "Did you see Ashley yesterday? Her Juicy trackpants are so OOS!"
by Maybelline October 06, 2007
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The sound somebody makes when a hard dick enters their arse.
Kerzman said "Oos" as Peter entered him from behind.
by giant_johnson July 19, 2017
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