37 definitions by Maybelline

When people TYPE LIKE THIS!!!! in forums usually to get attention or to express anger.

person #2- Shh...use your inside voice

-caps lock.

by Maybelline February 19, 2006
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1-stuff comes from cows

1-i lvoe cheese!!

2-alright, who cut the cheese?
by Maybelline July 06, 2006
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1-a troll and post whore on ebaumsworld forums. He since has been banned for posting too much. No one will ever forget him.
2-used to describe someone who is a post whore..which orignated from the member Trismo
1 HAHA Trismo got banned!

2- *Member to a trismo* - God, youve made 50 post today, stop posting, Trismo..or "Hey, you have posted 60 posts and made 10 new threads today, are you Trismo ressurected?"
by Maybelline September 25, 2005
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1) A reealy gross meat stuff thats fake and packaged in a can! EW
2) Stuff that people write online, and repeat over and over so it slows down your computer and annoys the hell out of you.
1) Mr Happy Pants: "Okay kids its time to eat spam!"
Kids: "YAY!!!"

by Maybelline February 19, 2006
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Agnostic people are people who secretly know there is a God but dont have the balls to believe that they'll live a great life after they die.
Agnostic people usually turn towards Jesus as they get older and realize they were dumb in their teen years.
by Maybelline February 19, 2006
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1- Said at the end of the prayer
2- Said in agreement
1- ...and lead us not into temptation but deliever us from evil. amen

2- Chelsea- that boy is so fine
Kiki- amen to that, sista!
by Maybelline July 13, 2005
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