a sweet smelling pussy that has been relatively unmolestered by the hand of man. You would not mind snacking on one of these sweet treats
the purple helmet warrior went on a quest to smash the pink cookie. Upon finding this sweet delight the legendary warrior smashed in the cookie and that is what legends are made of.
by Bean,Dave May 18, 2005
The tastiest type of cookie. Velvety, soft warm, fun to play with eat and fuck. Yes...pussy
by Pinkcookiemuncher September 4, 2018
a woman's vagina...uknow cus its pink on the inside and man milk goes in there....uknow milk and cookies get it
he tryna get sum of my pink cookies
by chanel March 1, 2004
A pussy that is the wettest,juiciest, and best ever
by Cookielover571 April 10, 2018