A stealer is someone who is taking something without permission from the items owner.
Dude 1:"Is that guy taking that breaking into that store to take some crap?"
Dude 2:" He's a stealer!"
by that_guy1777 May 3, 2010
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when you steal something you are a stealer.
you're such a stealer!
by baconSavage December 14, 2018
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People who take other definitions, copy it and resend it to Urban Dictionary.
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Blah blah blah blah

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by udusers1 July 19, 2010
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A team in February of 2006 who cheated to win the Super Bowl. By doing so, they thus stole the title from the deserving champion, the Seattle Seahawks.
The Stealers won Super Bowl XL
by Ali Akram August 26, 2006
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A total bitch who comes along hogging your best friend and is really annoying. Your friend likes them but you despise of them. They act like they are all innocent but you know that they are evil deep down.
"Wtf why are they together"
"She's a friend stealer"
by Honkyfoo January 24, 2016
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When a fictional character enters an officially recognized relationship with your waifu, thus making her unavailable, he (or she) becomes a waifu stealer. Usually, the character is described by fans as a horrible, mean person or even a womanizer, even if the character hasn't shown any signs of being that way.

The term first came to real prominence in the brony community after the first My Little Pony movie was released. In it, Flash Sentry, an incidental character horns in on Twilight Sparkle, a main character, thus pissing off any of the bronies who called her waifu.

Sometimes also referred to as "waifu thief".
Sakura was so perfect until that waifu stealer got to her
by CanisMinor December 2, 2014
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