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1) A nootch is a cozy little place to sit or to cuddle into, like a non-creepy corner or between two other people.

2) Also can be used those places on the body that no one really has a name for, such as the inside of the elbow, or the back of the knee.
1) "Just sit in that little nootch between Lisi and Jordyn, there's room!"

2) "Eww that girl was all sweaty in her elbow nootch. How does that even happen??"
by supahcreepx May 05, 2009
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Noun: A nick name given to any individual who remains neutral in their views whilst involved in a discussion, debate or argument.

Verb: Generic verb used to describe the activities of someone whilst their actual current activity is not yet precisely known. However, in this instance, it is normally used to suggest they are involved in sexual activities with someone, or indeed, something.

Why are you being such a nootch in this argument?


Q: Where is Dave just now?
A: Oh, I think he's nootching that girl he met last night in the club we were at.
by ParkaMark April 08, 2008
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