what is up homie?
What is going on?
How are you?
What is wrong?
What is up?
wud up
also spelled: wud up dog?
spanish verion:
que paso perro?
what up dog?
Mark said to joe, "what up dog?"
by ADD March 23, 2005
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When you want to be hip so you ask your friend, whats up dog. If your friend is being a complete idiot or you don't have any friends you can go with a simple joke such as an example written below
You: Yo whats up dog
Friend: Nothin man just chilling
If you want someone to say what ups dog
You(point at a random object): Wait, I think that's up dog
Friend: What's up dog?
You: Not much man, what about you
by Shadank April 4, 2019
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Your search query, "what's up dog" might be a misspelt version of "what's up dawg".
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by cutesy pastel living doll June 23, 2013
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Something you say to a dog to calm them down; you may have to replace "MJ" with the dog's actualy name.
Originated from when I was playing with my sis's boyfriend's dog (which is shortened to the initials MJ). Then I said that cause I was bored and she was trying to jump on me.

Me: Mary, stay down!
*dog is jumping at me*
Me: Yo MJ what up dog?
*she stops jumping at me*
by kalley treay June 9, 2007
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