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The So-called "street" way of saying Vagina.
I likey your snootch. Insert penis 8==D in the snootch (()).
by Rainbow Yoshi October 29, 2005
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1. Taken from the Jay & Silent Bob routine from the Kevin Smith movies, "snootch" is short for "snootchy bootchy nootchies!" which Jay uses as a general reference for nearly everything. "Snootch" is typically a nonsensical declarative, similar to "dang" or "yes."

2. A Snootch is also a religious title given by people who have Snootchlust. In their passionate obsession with a Snootch, they constantly follow him around, chanting his name: "Snootch. Snootch."

3. A religious title for someone admired and respected so much that others hold the person in constant regard. {A radical obsession with Snootch.}

4. The religious fervor of a Snootch is called Snootchlust. People who are without normal, traditional religion find worship in a Snootch in order to pass their time and energy away.

5. A cult formed around a man named Snootch because he has led many to fawn over him constantly. {"Join the Snootch, as we obsess over Snootch! Snootch! Snootch!"}

6. People who obsess over a Snootch generally use negative or condescending words as an indication that they are embarassed to be less than and obsessed with a Snootch but don't want to let on in front of others.
He has reached the level of Snootch. We must now follow him around and bait our breaths on every word that he utters. We cannot live without Snootch. We are nothing without Snootch. We NEED Snootch!
by Pfold Loves Snootch July 21, 2011
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A coward who intentionally presents falsehood as fact, and is highly prone to unrelenting dogmatic zealotry when confronted with reality. Typically highly antisocial, to the point of being a sociopath. Snootches are nearly always impotent or otherwise sexually dysfunctional, and receive sexual gratification only by getting another person to admit that their numerous lies hold some degree of credibility.
Everything that cult leader says is a total lie! What a snootch!
by Slootch April 13, 2011
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When a woman has a set of breasts and a large stomach which both stick out an equal distance. (when a bitches stomach and boobs stick out the same distance).
Taylor-"Damn dog, look at that bitches snootch"

Jeremy-"You can't even see where her boobs end and her stomach starts"
by SRHS#9 October 05, 2009
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Any female within an establishment (club or bar) that looks like she is possible to shag
hey look at all the snootch in here!
by Snootchie January 09, 2010
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