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A beautiful girl who is honest,trustworthy,lovable,intelligent and funny.She has a smile that could light up a room as soon as she walked in and when she walks by its almost impossible not to stop and look at her.She is loved by most and is only disliked by others who cant handle the truth.She doesnt let anyone run over her,shes strong,independent and can do just fine on her own.When she gets into a relationship she takes it seriously and stays 100 percent comitted.Shes a perfect girlfriend and anyone that breaks her heart is just stupid.Her body is amazing and her face is beyond gorgeous.
God jordyn is so gorgeous,id do anything to date be able to date her
by Kay123321 November 19, 2012
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Jordyns are cute, shy, but very sweet. You have to open up to her and love her because hurting her would be a crime. She's loving and funny and she loves dogs. She likes her things and talks about them all the time. She listens to you when you need help and is forgetful and stubborn at times, but her sweet face and cute laugh make up for it.
"Jordyn is best"
"Of course she is"
by Suprisinglyshinywitch May 07, 2017
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A girl who is very kind, loving, but shy. She will be shy around you at first, but get to know her and she will be your best friend. She knows how to have a good time, but also loves to curl up with you. She always puts others ahead of her. She is unique and incredibly sweet.
Guy: I met an awesome girl yesterday! Her name is Jordyn and she is the best!

Other Guy: You are so lucky!
by EvilBunnyRabbit June 27, 2014
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A Girl that laughs at pretty much anything and everything . Thinks she's ugly even though she very beautiful. Not your average girl , very unique. Smart and full with potential.
Boy1: that girl over there must be a Jordyn , she goofy and so beautiful

Boy2: it is Jordyn
by Jmill123 February 20, 2017
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One who partys hard, and has tons of friends..and is loved by most. all boys want her, and whoever leaves her is either stupid or gay. normally tall with beautiful long hair.
Man that jordyn girl is so hot, who wouldnt want to date that?
by P-Rainlight March 30, 2009
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The hottest girl there is. She's pretty, smart, nice, atheltic and has amazing eyes
Dude 1: whoaa look at jordyn
dude 2: daaayum
by hey yo sup hi hello April 07, 2011
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