Someone of the same sex who you hang out with enough to consider your life mate, but not in a gay way.
I'm Jay, and this is my hetero life mate Silent Bob
by enough of this shit, it's shit January 18, 2009
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best friends who no longer refer to themselves as best friends. because their so close they know they will never part.
dude are corey and billy gay?
No man their just hetero life mates.
OHH ok dude.
by howdiekiddies March 22, 2008
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Two people of the same gender and heterosexual orientation who decide to be each others life partners, but asexually; living together but unromantically.
Diane and Mary decided that if they were unattatched by the age of 35, they would move to NY together and be hetero life mates.
by anon December 18, 2004
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