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a dump.
Possibly originated from shortening "I'll see you guys in a minute i'm gonna go snap my tail off."
"Oh man, pull over the car i need to take a snapper."
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To keep going on and on and on about something.
"Yo, i wish that mo'fucker Gromett would quit his snickering."
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a not at all gay punishment for any wrong doing or paddle rule breaking offences where the victim/paddlee gets their bare ass slapped with a shoe or trainer of the paddlers choice.
Air Force Ones particularly hurt.
Guy 1:"Ha, thats 10 - 0. Thats means i owe you a paddle, bro!"

Guy 2:"Ha, you just said "Bro" again so i owe you a paddle aswell."

Guy 1: "Shit."
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a pro evolution soccer player who always pops up and gets the winner against you.
"That fooking Gardner scored an injury time header against me again. That lanky bean pole's such a nemesis."
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Guy 1: "Yo man, you was money last night. I seen you macking all dem chicks."
Guy 2: "No doubt."
Guy 1: "Shame they were all heffas though."
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Guy1: "No way, son, you gonna let that sucka get away wid that wedgie he just gave you?"
Guy2: "Don't worry about it, the little bastards got one in the post."
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