An anachronistic corruption of the phrase "word to the mother", which was a popular reference to Africa or "The Motherland" during the late 1980s Afrocentric movement. While the replacement of "the" with "your" effectively obliterated the term's Afrocentric roots, it continued to be used in the same manner, that is, to express agreement. Alternatively, the "your" could take on sinister connotations, implying that speaker was sexually intimate with the listener's mother, as in "say hi to your mom for me", or, in keeping with the whack terminology, "props to your mom, she's da bomb". Finally, the phrase might mean nothing at all, and be used to ineptly feign street cred, in the style of Vanilla Ice.
Jeff - "Given the uncertainty of today's market, I'm strongly considering increasing my portfolio's share of treasury bills."
Greg - "Word to your mother."
by bluedevil July 20, 2006
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1) I fully agree with you, you nicely brought up fellow
2) Say hellow to your sexy milf
3) I'm a white boy in need of a cool sounding motto.
Friend: "Dude, that Samantha Noel is some hot babe."
Other Guy: "Word to your mother!"
by patty-o-pinch-me-youdie March 12, 2003
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Originally "word to the mother." Used by African Americans as a salutation. It means "Give due respect to the motherland from which we came." Can be used in the same context as "Keep it real." or, also, can be used to literally express respect to the motherland and African-American customs and traditions.
Man 1: I'll be seeing you man. Keep it real.
Man 2: Word to the mother.
Man 1: Word.
by daruis sunofovich January 5, 2005
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does not mean I fucked your mom. In fact its not even an insult in any way. Word= Respect or I agree and mother=mother land. Word to your mother translated to normal english means respect to your motherland keep a hold of your roots
by misconception-annihilated February 27, 2010
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1) I agree with what you just said.
2) Watch out.
3) Absolutely nothing at all.
4) similar to 'keep it real'... a gangster phrase.
see also keep it real
1) "Man that chick is hot."
"Word to your mother."
2) "Ooooh... you shouldn't have done that. Word to your mother."
3) Ben: "Schlarrrp."
Bob: "Word to your mother."
Ben: "Hmmm.... what was that you said Bob? It didn't make any sense."
4) "Yo ma nigga, see ya later me homie, yo yo yo!"
"Yo damn straight, mah nigga, word to your mother!"
"word, man, word."
by Twalgar March 31, 2005
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Word to your mother was a phrase used back in the 80s and 90s. Though it was originated by the African American community, saying to keep it real or to respect the motherland, it then became the retarded phrase of white boys trying to act gangsta. They sound so gay and make respectable white people like me look like the skid-mark on the underpants of society when they say it. Thanks a lot Vanilla Ice.
Black guy 1: "Yo nigga, what's happenin'?"
Black guy 2: "I'm fine, man. Keepin' it real."
Black guy 1: "word to your mother."
White boy who overhears the conversation and immediately thinks thinks of ice ice baby: "What's good, niggas?"
Black guy 1: "What you call us bitch?"
WB: " Yo man, keep it real. Word to your mother."
Black guy 1 knocks him out and he and Black guy 2 laugh and walk away while listening to the Beastie Boys, a well respectable white hip hop group.
by fatjamarcus October 2, 2010
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