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The Act of not masturbating during the entire month of January, starting from The new Year at midnight until February 1 at midnight. No Jerk January is a new fad created in 2010 by bros from Moses Brown School to see who of their friends were pussies and could hold out touching themselves. The act of No Jerk January is often a contest between bros (or chicks) to see who has the best self control and discipline. It often leads to guys that don't talk to girls starting to talk to them in order to get their nut. No Jerk January is a month long test to see if a man is actually a man or a huge pussy, and is tested based off the honor system.

The rules are as follows:
1- no masturbating your own penis
2- if you are caught lying about No Jerk January, you will forever be looked down upon by the very bros you love so dearly.

this means that girls can do it for you, or if your into it, dogs, guys and tit mice
Garrett: Hey I heard that stud baseball PG Jake is doing no jerk January, I'm joining up with him too.

Chapman: There is no way your gonna be able to do it, so I'll join in as well.

Garrett: I think this is going to be great for me, maybe I will start talking to girls.

Walshy: Hey guys, I can't do No Jerk January since I don't talk to girls and enjoy my brazzers password from Jake. Its much better than having to talk to bitches to get a handie. I've never even talked to a girl before.

Chapman: Your such a soft bitch Walshy go hang out with your scumbag roommate Jake.

Garrett: I'm gonna go talk to a slut and hopefully she'll help me out, it's only January 3rd and I'm already dying.

Jake (walking into the room): dude my boys Travis, Laders, Mitch and Cam all completed No Jerk January. I on the other hand could not make it past January 2...
by The PG Freshman December 06, 2011
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