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A review of cringe in the most ignorecent manner, devulging within the depths of unaboriginal continent. This review is done painsteakless with the non help of editorbois. Also it involves many claps of high contingency frequency. One would not clap for not no bonjaculous meme review.
Netfelix 'Havard Elf' Shellburger does the meme review for the views and the clicks which prosporises the bling bling he coffers.
by SliceofJesus December 27, 2017
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Ajit Pai's idea to completely ruin the internet.
It will be $5 to read the full version of this definition. Call your internet service provider to access the full definition. You will most likely have an indian pick up your phone. He is Ajit Pai's brother. Good luck in trying to get full access to this definition!
Ajit Pie: Net nuetrality is spelled this way because I feel like making it spelled this way.
by SliceofJesus December 14, 2017
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Pronounced (Ni-erk)
A person who assaults or kills a suspected pedophile who turns out to be innocent making the njerk look more like a jerk rather than a hero for killing that person who was suspected of being a pedo.
Who are we prosecuting today, oh, just another njerk that was controlled by the media to think that that bloke was a pedo. Shame.
by SliceofJesus January 11, 2017
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Basically your giant dinosaur turkey looking monster bird that lives amongst the cane toads and banana farmers. Has a deadly claw on it that kills. Can be found in Papua New Guinea eating cannibals and other afro looking folks. Beware of mistaking it for an emu, a deadly mistake it could be.
Tourist 1: "I am gonna pat this ostrich."
Tourist 2: "I think that is an emu!"
Local Bloke: " It's a cassowary, don't touch..."
Cassowary: *screams and gobbles like turkey*
Tourist 1: "Ahhhhh! Me big bird! It's mauled me big bird!"
Tourist 2: "Hahaha! ... I mean, ohhh, you ok."
Local Bloke: *Brings out boomerang*
Tourist 1: "Hurry up. Use it!"
Local Bloke: "I can't kill you, euthanasia is illegal."
Tourist 1: "Use it on the turkey ostrich you moron!"
Local Bloke: "They are endangered, can't do anything. See ya!"
by SliceofJesus January 17, 2017
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Once upon a time there was a man named Ja Pedo and he manufactured shoes in a Japanese sweatshop made in China. All shoes tags contained made in China until one day the most perfect white shoe was made which was to be sold to the whitest man made. It went on bid auction at Footlocker and was bought by a mystery caller from Nigeria however it turned out that they were fake and was handed down to the Russians for $400. The Russians decided to hand down the object of whiteness for the leader to wear; the ultimate white shoes for the ultimate bad boy, they thought. It fell into the hands one day later of yours truely, Vlad Putin. He saw these shoes and decided to wear themon his GF (god feet) the next day with his meeting with Obama on Trump, to show his support for white morons running America. The next day he found yellow stained shoes that smelled like a nuke puke was performed on them. He has unfortunately thrown them behind the cupboard where is assistant Sergey Sogay had done the two most ultimate nukes since the Americans bombed Japan for fun and the end of the war most importantly. And that, folks, is the legend of the Cream 950 shoes.
Putin~ "Me loves some cream 950 on me soviet GF"
by SliceofJesus December 30, 2016
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One of the 11 Spicers of herbs that KFC let loose on the world to produce alternative facts to demonstrate that the media has it wrong on the KFC recipe and all of Trump's ideologies.
Sean Spicer your salad with alternative american pepper which is organic and saves the world from the middle east inporting spices and terrorists.
by SliceofJesus February 05, 2017
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When one engorges their functional tongue upon a 6 inch stick, it emmenses the apparable action of the stick lick. This stick may also be movementable as it toufors as a stick insect. Sticks may not excess 7 inches nor decess 5 inches for it be unplesorable for the stick licker to lick the stick and feel sensuralation. The lick must be actioned by the tongue and not no other properties of the causation of anamatomous bodily function.
My pet aardvark scored the grandiest stick lick when he endured the spedecial treat from the luxorious stick he licked. It was fantavious enjoyment.
by SliceofJesus December 28, 2017
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