Straight ahead, as spoken by an officer in battle. Has filtered into driver's slang.
"We've got bogeys at 12:00."

"Big rig at 12:00!"
by Diggity Monkeez January 15, 2005
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giving a handjob and then getting fingered while your parents are near by.
“Hey guess what guys.”
“i got 12:00 last night.”

oh damn did your parents catch you?

“nah im pretty stealthy
by onebisexualgal June 18, 2018
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Someone so stupid when it comes to technology that they can't program any appliance in their house, thus they are always flashing "12:00."
"There is no way to get a 12:00 Flasher on the Internet! I've seen guys eat their own headsets trying!" - Wes from Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie, "Welcome to the Internet Help Desk"
by superslacker87 August 4, 2005
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Someone who is too lazy or too inept to set the clock on their VCR or other digital device that has a clock, but isn't a clock itself.
They are a couple of 12:00 flashers.
by Raziel Ja'Tier April 20, 2003
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The time at which Greenwich is facing right towards the sun.

UTC = Coordinated Universal Time
At 12:00 UTC, the sun is directly facing Greenwich. It is 1 PM (sometimes 2 PM) in France, 9 PM in Tokyo, and 4 AM (sometimes 5 AM) in California.
by Yamato Yamamoto May 13, 2021
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Computer Help Desk Technician's public enemy #1. A person who is so inept with technology, everything in his/her house is flashing "12:00" at all times.
Computer Help Desk Technician: "Thank you for calling the Computer Help Desk, how may I help you?"
User: "Yeah. My internet ain't workin?"
Computer Help Desk Technician: "What browser are you using sir?"
User: "Windows XP"
Computer Help Desk Technician: "No no. Not your operating system, what do you use to go on the internet?"
User: "My laptop"
Computer Help Desk Technician: "Ok. Let's try this. When you go on the Internet, do you click on a big blue E? or a red fox?"
User: "I click on Start"
Computer Help Desk Technician: *Puts User on Hold* "Looks like we got a 12:00 Flasher here boys. I'll be skipping my lunch today"
by Figa Hunter November 7, 2013
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