Used to express contemptuous acknowledgment of the obvious.
Person 1: Saddam Hussein's fuckin dead
Person 2: No shit
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
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US Army slang in common use during the Vietnam War but probably originated during the Korean War. The phrase has multiple meanings which are dependent on the inflexion used and can usually only be determined from the context of the conversation. Four of the commonest are:-
1 No shit? – Are you giving me the facts?
2 No shit! – I am telling you the absolute truth!
3 No shit. – Don’t give me any lies or evasions.
4 No shit? (A question but with an implicit sneer) – Why don’t you carry on stating the obvious, you dumb cocksucker?
“Get your gear together, Charlie’s had his ass kicked and we’ve got 24 hours in Saigon!”
No shit?”
“No shit!”
by AKACroatalin November 22, 2016
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To affirm as in "no really?" but in a sarcastic, slightly insulting way.
by smaq February 22, 2003
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A witty but slightly over-used comeback when someone states the obvious. Works well when someone is making fun of themselves to be funny. Responding with "No shit" makes them feel appropriatly stupid.
Dude 1 - "Haha I'm such a sped!"
Dude 2 - "No shit."
*Dude 1 tries to think of a comeback*
Dude 1 - "...So, how 'bout them Red Sox?"
by i am so cool. November 17, 2004
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1. An expression used to state the obvious.
2. Not owning or possesing something.
Man: *Cough *Cough *Cough
Woman: Sounds like you got a nasty cough!
Man: Yeah? No Shit!

Man 1: I need money!
Man 2: I have no shit on me.
by niftymatt October 16, 2005
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an exclamation conveying a mixed sense of gladness and surprise over a matter of common interest between two or more people
Billy: "I just unloaded a major dump in our new bathroom!"
Tom: "Any residues?"
Billy: "Clean as a whistle"
Tom: "No Shit!"
Billy: "that's right"
by heythewhat January 03, 2012
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