War fought from 1950-1953, when the United States sent troops into North Korea to aid South Korea from its northern attackers. North Korea wanted to convert South Korea into a communist nation. The Norh Korean's were unsucessful due to the American forces being victorious in 1953. The whole war was fought to stop the spread of communism, and the United States did suceed in stoping the spread of communism into South Korea.
The Korean war was a major war in history.
by 1337 Fork August 2, 2005
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Basically, a war between two bitter rivals -- North Korea and South Korea. North Korea attacked South Korea, but with the help of the Americans South Korea was able to fend off the North Koreans. Then, the South Koreans attacked North Korea, but North Korea was able to fend off the South Koreans.
The Korean War technically had no winner.
by Tony Huynh April 17, 2008
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First War in the post war period that America couldn't win. In fact the Chinese Offensive caused to the US to conduct its longest retreat in its history.
Damn, the second Korean War started. I hope the Chinese will just sit back and let us set up a staging area across the border from them.
by DARKZER00092131421417123 August 10, 2008
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When someone named Dumb Josie makes a slap bet that during the Korean War, Korea invaded Japan, and then is proven wrong.
by dumb josie October 4, 2010
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