1. When there is there is no fecal matter present
2. An over-used expression, said when one states something obvious. Can also be used as a substitute for "duh".
1. Doctor: Do you have the stool samples?
Patient: No shit, sorry.
2. Kid1: Mrs. __________ is a very homosexual teacher.
Kid2: No shit dude.
by doctorDipshit April 02, 2009
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The act of pointing out something obvious, similar to "duhh".
Human #1: This pizza is freakin' awesome!

Human #2: Yea, No Shit.
by Human #1 July 09, 2009
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Obvious statements or answers
Brain: Hey Eric is that bitch old man Donald trump President

Eric: No shit sounds like u been living under a rock
by his girl is awesome June 03, 2018
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Something to say when someone states the obvious, especially during a movie outloud.
Little kid: She was a ghost all along (from the Fog)
by Schulz November 16, 2005
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A word to respond to something shocking or unexpected, or something you really dont care about.
Often replied with a comeback, "Shit no"
A: OMFG! I found some mexicans snorting coke inside the freezer of apple bee's!
B: No shit??
A: Shit no!

A:Dude your car rides and handles great!
B:Thats exactly what your mom told me last night.
A:No shit?
B:Shit no!!
by Xent November 29, 2005
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