a sarcastic name for someone who states the obvious
Cat: "The sky is blue"
Rich: "Thanks, Captain Obvious"
by Breezy April 13, 2004
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a person who states the obvoius as if nobody knew it already
Thank you very much Captain Obvious.
by Light Joker March 16, 2007
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"Captain Obvious Strikes Again"

A phrase or name given to the one who points out the obvious.
Captain Obvious: Homosexuals are gay!

Guy 1: Captain Obvious strikes again.
by J-Winner March 25, 2010
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Saying something that is obvious, that didn't need to be said, and someone pointing out, wow, well done. Another comon term linked to this is also 'No Shit Sherlock!'
by Emma H March 22, 2005
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Something that you refer to somebody as after they have stated an obvious fact; the captain of obvious. can be used in contexts as...
1. "Thank you captain obvious."
2. "Captain obvious strikes again!"
3. "thanks for the imput, captain obvious"
1-"Check out the sky"
2-"yea...it's blue"
1-"Thank you captain obvious"
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when someone states the obvious especially when it is stupidly obvious
Marie: "Sandy you are so white!"
Ginger: "Yes. I am caucasian. Thank you Captain Obvious!"
by Lez H. July 14, 2008
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