1. No shit!, you really are neal diamond!
2. woman: there are too many cats in here
man: No shit!
by A Tommy November 20, 2007
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Something you say to a dumb ass after they state the obvious.
OMG, you can drive!
Yeah, no shit.
by Lolage:) xxxx October 25, 2010
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1. Jason: You have an appointment at 3.
Rick: No shit.
2. Jason: I heard Jess has been out of state for the past week.
Rick: No shit? I thought she was staying at a friend's house.
by Aldridge517 May 10, 2013
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1. there is not any shit
2. duh!
3. dam ur stupid
4. ironic points
"No shit, I already knew that"
"No shit, Sherlock"
by Nicole Morris March 09, 2006
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When someone states the obvious and you're amazed at their stupidity
Dan: Omg, did you know the Earth is far away from the Sun????

Susan: Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.
by FryDom December 15, 2018
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