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The best kind of girl there is. Funny, Smart, Beautiful, Loyal, Typically Short, Light Complection, Perfect Body. She is always ther when u need her to be. The girl every boy wants to have. Can fend for herself and still look fine doing it. Always the best in every subject. Upbeat and happy all the time. Doesn't like to move to fast in relationships and is straight up if she doesn't like you. Always the first to start a conversation with a new person. The kind of person u just always want to be around.
Robert: Who was that girl u were talking to
Dave:That's my Nivea
by TheWireless April 21, 2017
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Someone who is beautiful. Usually a white person who loves a black person. They usually are hyper and say they have a African banana. Usually easyily mad. But if you have her as a friend, you better keep her.
Wow who's that Nivea chick! She's so turnt!
by Maria Adams January 25, 2015
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Nivea is the definition of perfection, she's a whole package. Nivea's made up of love, caring, charismatic, extremely delightful and especially her sense of humour, it's amazing. Her beauty and cuteness captivate both males and females attention, seeing her is a pleasure. Having Nivea by your side is a true blessing, she's what every guy could possibly wish for. If you finally get to know her, you will question yourself immediately, 'where have this chick been all my life?'. Ok, back to reality, you're suffering severe autism if you think what i've wrote above is true.
Bob: "It's a Nivea, run!"
Everybody: "Omg, Bob wasnt lying, it's actually a Nivea, run your ass off everyone!"
by hiimhappy July 04, 2017
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A very caring person for some people. Squares can’t fit in her circle. She has no respect for anyone. Don’t test her.
by Skaksklmbaot May 06, 2018
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The most ugliest person ever. Has a egg head and the smallest bun ever. She has no butt and and thinks she can dance. She acts big and need to take a shower. She smells like Union butt
Guy one: "do u smell that?"
Guy two: "that's Nivea"
by Toddy boy aka t-bone December 15, 2017
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