short for "defend" "defending".
if you're my friend i'll fend for you if you're there or not.
by saucyy.s March 26, 2018
Defend yourself from what the opposing person has said or done to you.
Nuski: "Yo Fifty you look like a broke Metro Boomin"
by ogfifty October 17, 2017
The feeling of being distraught, overwhelmed with stress, or being upset at person or a certain situation.

Could be added with the adverb re, requete, or ooltra
Little Legs Lex is always fucking fended when he walks into work.
by meetlouiz July 25, 2008
Bastarized word resulting from the phraze "Fixing to" which means "getting ready to" Can also be pronouced "Fellin"
Kids, Y'all betta be fend ta get you asses ta skoo, cuz you fellin ta be late!
by Dr-Dyna September 30, 2003
It's a shorter version of the word offended except without the O. So, basically it means offended.

Or you can use it to explain someone in a bad mood.
If someone is in a bad mood, and not talking you could say "Aw, your so fended"
by DeadisthenewAlive April 23, 2009
When some fat/big wog pushes you with one hand with his palm facing your chest. This can be mostly seen in AFL and can be used as a defense technique or offensively if you're a lebo
"Bro did you see Ali fend off that skinny ranga?"

Hell yeah bro it was like an impulse grenade in fortnite, that stick went flying."
by K3b4bEater December 1, 2018
Look after and provide for himself
He had to fend for himself before being helped out by a host family
by Saha hyo dany October 17, 2017