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Oh you’re just being alive? I’m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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a term a young teenage girl will adress the boy she fanicies
boy: hi janise
girl: heyy
by bambamniki November 11, 2013
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Greeting girls use when starting a text or IM conversation with a guy they like.
Dude, she sent 'heyy' with two y's. She definitely wants my penis.
by Princess Pansy October 07, 2010
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Listen gentlemen there IS a difference between β€œhey” and β€œheyy” if a girl hits u up and says β€œhey” she either mad, upset or she is so bored she is texting a boy she has NO interest in. If she says β€œheyy” she is into
You! And she wants you to know that but she is to scared to drop bigger hints either that OR she wants the d..
Girl 1:Hey
Boy: and she doesn’t like me :(

Girl 2: heyy

Boy: let me tap that ass
by JaydaStacey11 December 09, 2019
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