A very annoying person who is a roadman and has nothing better to do then play on the Xbox. They think they are gangsters and that they are edgy, but it’s just really irritating and annoying
“Our brother Tyla is such a nimbus
by xxellaharroxx April 23, 2020
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1. A luminous cloud or a halo surrounding a supernatural being or a saint.

2. A nimbus is a glowing light that encircles someone or something; and sometimes, at just the right moment, you're lucky enough to actually see it.

3. The outer most light of a star.

4. The kind of hazy like light in which the sun appears, and is surrounded by during a complete solar eclipse

5. A Crown, Halo, or Wreath
She is my Northern Star, my Light in the Dark, my Halo of Hope for Brighter Days, an Angel in her own right; she is MY Nimbus.
by NeitherAJourneyNorADestination January 14, 2017
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The imagined physical manifestation of your state of mind. Although not of the physical plane, it can be observed through the actions and interactions of the owner. And sometimes, just sometimes, it shines so bright you can almost see it.

A large Nimbus could indicate that a person is On Fire or Glorious.
- How's your Nimbus?
- My Nimbus is huge, and increasing in size with every passing moment.
by Mr. Jon C July 21, 2008
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Ellie: ur a nimbus bro!
Me: what's that
Ellie: it means an annoying little bitch hoe
Me: shup ye nimbus
by Iwkfktjdjd March 6, 2020
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A character in the game Tornado Outbreak, who wears a pair of gauntlets, winged shaped shoulder pads, and a gold medallion.
His costume resembled Nimbus' attire.
by Zephyr321 June 6, 2018
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A term that douchebags use to try and sound cool, while only succeeding in demonstrating their douchebaggery.
Dude, that trick was so nimbus
by nimbus_douche August 26, 2008
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Nimbue is the most beautiful girl/woman in the world, she never gives up and she is there when needed. Nimbue has brown hair, and brown eyes.
bro Nimbue is so hot🚫🧢
by carl marble jr April 9, 2020
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