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Tyla is beyond compare, so beautiful in so many ways, in more ways than one! She holds so much wisdom, and always using her wisdom to the best of her ability. She also holds so much physical and emotional strength, she battles through her hard times, and never gives up. Always puts up a good fight, and is always willing to give her opinion, you can tell that she is one in a million for the way she helps you. She helps me so so much, and for that I love her eternally. She helps me through my hardest times and I thank her so much for that. Once met, she should be be forgotten and should never be mistreated. She's so so kind and so many other things!
What I would give to be a Tyla...
by Imlikenoother January 20, 2015
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A beautiful person inside and out

A bestfriend

Awesomeily Amazing!

kind friendly hummble sweet nice caring werid crazzy cute exciting and best of all a great FRIEND!!!
by hotty with body! July 14, 2009
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a best friend ,
not only a best friend.
but a GREAT best friend.
aka tyler , i love him (:
that tyla is a MHB ,
by amber rae MHB April 20, 2008
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Blonde ass bitch that takes no one's shit.
No patience, tolerance for stupidity, and
has weird obsessions over boys and arm hair.
Can be shy at first, but once corrupted, they'll
never go back.
Wow, way to be like a Tyla.
by Maria Vagia April 01, 2009
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tyla: also known as tyles

very loud laugh, somewheat resembling godess from stone age of egypt

this not so creative girl is very beautiful with long lushous blonde locks.

she can get any guy she wants with the sexy way she bops her shoulders in clubs ;)

she can whip a guy with just one peircing gaze from across the dance floor.

she has a very tall tanned lanky model body fit for victoria secrets. step aside miranda, giselle heree comes tyla!!!
person one: see that girl that just chockd on that water bottle lid

person two: she such a tyla

persone one: babeeeeeee

example two:

1)owch, something just stabbed me the heart from across the dance floor
2) dudee you just got a tyla stare... hot man hotttt!!

hookin shes a babe
by prude and trude co. July 08, 2009
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(adj) 'Tyla is an xbox live slang for someone or something that is at the highest level of stupidity. used to dis someone or as a friendly joke.

(n) someone at the highest level of stupidity. Looks stupid, acts stupid, IS stupid. A person who you do not want to be around for within six minutes, you will wish there was a bullet in your head.
definition 1-

gamer1: come hide in the sniper tower. we can rape these n00bs from here.

gamer2: there's a guy chasing me.

gamer1: then don't come up here!

gamer2: too late.

gamer1: goddamnit. you're as stupid as a tyla!


Definition 2-

person1: i got tyla as my partner for the science project.

person2: hahaha-you're screwed!

by TylaTylaTyla April 19, 2009
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