Tyla is beyond compare, so beautiful in so many ways, in more ways than one! She holds so much wisdom, and always using her wisdom to the best of her ability. She also holds so much physical and emotional strength, she battles through her hard times, and never gives up. Always puts up a good fight, and is always willing to give her opinion, you can tell that she is one in a million for the way she helps you. She helps me so so much, and for that I love her eternally. She helps me through my hardest times and I thank her so much for that. Once met, she should be be forgotten and should never be mistreated. She's so so kind and so many other things!
What I would give to be a Tyla...
by Imlikenoother January 20, 2015
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Tyla is one of the prettiest people you will ever meet! She is amazingly kind, never gives up and always laughing. She is a bad b*tch and will always be a bad b*tch. If you try and replace her than that’s your lost, because she isn’t one to be replaced.
Sydney: do you know who Tyla is?
Nikki: yea that’s that bad b*tch everyone loves:)
by Maya vendil November 16, 2018
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A beautiful person inside and out

A bestfriend

Awesomeily Amazing!

kind friendly hummble sweet nice caring werid crazzy cute exciting and best of all a great FRIEND!!!
by hotty with body! July 14, 2009
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She is mine, my happy place, my smile, my heart, my glow, my go to
Don't even try it with Tyla she is taken
by X-r October 20, 2019
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"DAAAAMMMMMNNNN Tyla, you is cute as heck"
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