Fingerless short or long black leather, lace, satin, mesh, or fishnet forearm covers; some have a thumbhole; goth, biker~looking, or high~fashion feminine types. They're Badass! Can have patterns, tie~around straps, velvet, available in many different styles including ones with zippers & skulls.
I have so many pair of different pairs of gauntlets but my favorite are black leather with a long zipper~they go all the way to my elbow, & they have little metal skulls on them!
by Starchylde May 30, 2016
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When one is holding a flask of hard liquor in their dominant hand and a beer in the other. The beer should be drank only to wash out the flavor of the hard liquor for the term gauntlets to apply.
The drunkard passed out and was robbed of the gauntlets.
by My names Fubby January 02, 2007
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A drinking game where cards are placed face down in a diamond formation 1-2-3-2-1. Participants turn over the cards at one end, then selecting a card from the next row and so on until they complete the gauntlet. If a player pulls a face card they drink. 1,2,3 & 4 fingers of their drink for pulling a J,Q,K & A respectively. The cards that have been turned over are then replaced with face down cards from the deck and they must start again. The gauntlet is only completed when a player makes a clean run i.e. goes through all rows without picking a face card.
dude Tom Jones just ran the perfect gauntlet' or 'did you hear, Steve Morrell has never completed the gauntlet
by MexicanHalloween February 24, 2011
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The act of consuming a 2 oz. shot of grain alcohol, followed by a 2 oz. shot of Bacardi 151 rum, followed by a refreshing 2 oz. shot of Rumple Minze, completed with chugging a 12-16 oz. can of any energy drink. Upon completion, the contestant is said to be #WGW (see White Girl Wasted).
David: Yeah... I don't plan on drinking tonight, I think I'll just finish up some homework instead.
Chris: Fuck that dude, let's do Gauntlets!!
David: I don't know man, I would like to remember tonight.
by BoogeDrew November 23, 2012
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A ritual usually performed for initiation or as a punishment in waterpolo. All the players line up to form a corridor, and one player attempts to swim through. This player is then kicked and punched as he tries to swim through. Common injuries from this include broken ribs, concussions and internal bleeding in the rectum.
How the fuck did you miss that shot, that deserves a gauntlet!

Doctor: *examining prostate* Have you been sexually abused in the last 12 months?

Patient: Nah I just joined a waterpolo club and had to run the gauntlet.
by ChizzGod October 02, 2019
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The Gauntlet is a Student Rental House in Mt. Pleasant MI. It is famous for Great College Parties, and is considered the most popular Student House at Central Michigan University
Are there any parties this weekend at CMU?
Yea, I hear the The Gauntlet is having a party.
by Juan E. January 24, 2013
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Medieval hand protection. Two variations were finger gauntlets, comprised of steel over the top of the hand and individual, articulated plates of steel over the fingers to give movement for sword and Bill. The other variation were Mitts, same steel over the hand, but just one plate or slightly curved steel over the fingers, instead of the articulation. Gloves were worn underneath the metal, for grip on the weapons and general protection.Could be plain, or highly decorated, depending on the period and the fashions of the time.
The soldier slipped his hands into his gauntlets.
by Taz June 02, 2004
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