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A Solar Eclipse happens when the moon comes directly in between the earth and the Sun.

I saw a solar eclipse.
by Pompom7 September 26, 2003
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The solar eclipse is a multiple step process and is extremley difficult (Best done in a dark room).
1. Stretch your ball skin so it resembles the move the batwing
2. You put a flashlight behind the stretched skin. If done correctly there should be a white circle, the "sun".
3. Then take your other hand and slowly push one of your testicals across the circle of light.
4. Admire your great feat.

The difficulty is holding the skin tight while holding the flashlight in place while pushing the balla across.
Guy #1: Dude last night Nick pulled the Solar Eclipse on me when I went into my room.

Guy #2: Oh shit, Nick has skills. That move is fucking hard to pull off.
by That Mike Kid January 10, 2009
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Occurs when a special alignment of enormous, massive bodies line up in this particular order:
1. The Sun
2. Fat Joe
3. The Earth
Fat Joe's incredible girth casts a huge shadow over the Earth, plunging the entire hemisphere into total darkness. This phenomenon occurs most often around The Sizzler.
Fat Joe just got an endorsement contract from "Ban de Soleil" (It blocks the sun)
by Doggy Fizzle June 04, 2003
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James slid under the cling wrap of his glass bottom boat and opened his eyes, to see what appeared in his mind to be a stunning reenactment of a Solar Eclipse. The silent dark sky, the moon in the centre and the sun's corona glinting down on him.
by Holagoodman March 21, 2015
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1. The inverse of a lunar eclipse.

2. When a guy pisses himself and immediately takes off his underwear and pulls it over a chick's head like a ski mask.
I paid for that bitches drinks all night, she even took me back to her place, but put out NOTHIN! It's okay though, I was so drunk and pissed off by the end of the night, I just gave her a solar eclipse while she was sleeping and split.
by foogama March 06, 2008
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When a black and white dude moon you at the same time
Dayvid and Jacob solar eclipsed Hunter, Athan, and Bobby when they walked into the room.
by Johnson_J May 29, 2018
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What happens when your mom is on a spacewalk and gets between the Sun and Earth.
Yo momma so fat when she went to space she caused a solar eclipse.
by Sentinel Stark April 18, 2018
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