to raise in numbers or otherwise, over-time or immediately.
the amount of water in the boat was unfortunately increasing.
by Tropane June 6, 2006
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The action of adding another girl you creased to your collection
Bro I just had an increasement dude
by Ray Boogie June 28, 2021
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The USFG should substantially increase its support of UNPKOs by decreasing the amount of peacekeepers in the Golan Heights
by Tha Brit March 26, 2005
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The increase in something, as something increases
With the increasation of snow on the ground, school will be cancelled and everything will close.
by ftrldydrvr_09 February 2, 2010
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When somebody cool comes to hang out with you for the night.
Sandy is so hott and cool, tonight is a total increase.
by erina_fudge March 25, 2008
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To make the party a lot better, like with your presence, funny jokes, party favors or games, all around happiness.
Hey I just ordered ten pinatas. We're going to increase the party!
by imaaron July 2, 2009
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Increase (make more of) the peace (opposite of fighting).

Means the same as decrease the war, but its better coz it rhymes.
First Guy: "Im gonna bash your f**king head in!"

Second Guy: "Increase the peace, man."

First Guy: "OK then."

Second guy: "Yeeaahh! I didnt get bashed!"
by Damaniac88 June 11, 2005
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