One who realizes that all societal and moral values are baseless, and sees no point to anything.
Live in the moment, don't bother dwelling on the past, or hoping for a future... it doesn't matter.
by GROMM February 10, 2005
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We created our institutions and morals. So, they are not real. Read more on this please, it will enlighten you.
The Nihilist obvserved that without good there is no evil.
by Jarrett May 30, 2003
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A person that holds an extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence.
Autumn: "The guy I've been talking to says he's a Nihilist."

Lacy: "Honey, don't even think about dating a Nihilist, you might as well not even matter to him."
by Lunar_Rabbit January 5, 2018
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1: A supporter of a violent revolution in russia during some period or something. Who cares, it's history.

2: One who belives all value and morals are unfounded or founded on nothing and thus aren't valid or real.

3: One who wishes to reduce the government or moral systems to nothing.
The nihilist says there's no point in being offended by dead baby jokes.
by entivore October 6, 2003
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A person who rejects all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless. The worst ideal a person could hold, the death of a person, spiritually, mentally, and physically into a husk. Hell, even a racist holds more gumption and passion and is better than being one.
1. Nihilists reject every principle and don't value life.
by Bilbo Buttons December 26, 2022
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A dipshit with a nine-toed woman
Uli doesn't care about anything. He's a Nihilist
by WSobchak January 19, 2009
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Someone who is a complete Debby-downer and believes life is completely meaningless; attempts to bring other people down with them.
You know that Alex Taffe?
Yeah, what about him?
He's such a nihilist.
by Chuy15 January 12, 2017
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