Autumns are usually really smart and pretty. She comes of shy at first but when u get to know her she's the funniest person you'll ever meet. She's really unique and has her own style and way. She doesn't care what people think and is very independent. She's always smiling. She makes a room so much brighter with her smile. She usually really pretty and has a good body and glowing face.(most common freckles and rosy red cheeks.) she's amazing and so awesome. Find you a autumn and don't lose her because she will be the best thing in your life.
Boy1:omg! Dude look at that girl she's so pretty and unique!
Boy2:she must be a Autumn!
by Autumn_dawn7678 December 20, 2016
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Autumn what is the name definition? It's a definition of a beautiful girl with gorgeous perfect brown golden shining amazing eyes also just her face is a master piece a beautiful thing you could only experience once in a life time it's so perfect that damn you'd think she's born from angels. Her personality she is funny, goofy, smart, talented, lovable, loving, caring, and so helpful, she does whatever she can for her lover or the person that she had love for that's what makes her such an amazing person because that's one of the things you'd experience to fall in love with her. Her herself she just a perfect amazing shining star, born from angels, she's a goddess of perfection and will never compare to anyone you'd ever meet she's a once in a life time so if you ever meet her treat her like your going to die tomorrow, like it's your last dollar, like of she's a perfect beautiful diamond; cause she is, but also like if she was the only person you had left that's how much she will make you fall in love with her that's how perfect she is that is what's called Autumn. There is many words to describe her but those words aren't even close to her perfection.
Him: Hey you still with Autumn?
BF: yes duh why wouldn't I be she's the love of my life.
by Jaymister117 December 18, 2017
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Autumn is a very beautiful girl. She has a temper and will tell you what she thinks about you rather you want her to or not. She is always lost in her love life and never knows who to choose. She is very caring and can make you life. Autumn has a great style and knows how to make people happy. Her eyes are stunning.
"I wish me and Autumn were friends :("
by neverdity September 6, 2018
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Also known as a season

A girl's name, really sweet, a little sassy and vain, usually has blonde or brown hair. Understands everyone, very trustworthy, and very pretty. An exotic women, and even though she may look easy, she'll break your neck if you try to sleep with her.
Guy 1: Daaaamn, who's that? She looks hot
Guy 2: Hm? Oh, that's Autumn.
Guy 3: Bro be careful, even the prettiest roses have thorns.
by Xx.thatoneperson.xX October 18, 2014
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A wonderful, amazing, beautiful, any other compliment any person can think of, woman. She has a smile that can light up any room and has the ability to make anyones day better. She is as beautiful as the sun is hot. Her personality, her physical appearance and the way she carries herself are all a display of utter beauty. She is smart, funny and makes everyone smile.
Autumn is an awesome person
by Keith_Cee August 19, 2016
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Autumn is the most amazing girl I've met in my life. She always going to tell you what she thinks and she never backs out of a fight. She's beautiful, amazing, perfect personality,she's the closest thing to perfection, and most of all i can always trust her.
Guy 1 "Wow, she's perfect for me."
Guy 2 "Whats her name?"
Guy1 "Autumn"
by Isaac Noel Edwards May 25, 2011
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Autumn is a really sweet and probably the hottest and most stunning girly pull ever meet , Not to mention she has killer eyes, a huge ass and her thighs can make a guy go crazy. Autumn is kind to everyone, just don’t get on her bad side Thats a very dark side that you don’t want to pull out of her. She’s is not of the world, and hate People her age, she’s very mature even though she acts like a 8 year old at time. But that is just her nature. Autumns are very hard to understand, they have been through so much pain. And Knocking down there walls and seeing who they really are is very hard. Most people think autumns are rude and stuck up. But they are the complete opposite. Autumns don’t like to talk about the pain they are really in so they hide it with a smile. Autumns are the best people you will ever meet, and your very stupid to mis judge or deny your chance to get to know her.
Guy 1: Woah who’s that girl?

Guy 2: That’s autumn

Guy 1: oh she’s a freak

Guy 2: no, that’s one of the best and most stunning girls you’ll ever meet
by Crazyguy1010101 January 27, 2018
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