dwelling means to think about past things that could have been good or bad to someone this is usually brought upon by alcohol or drugs and sometimes leads to depression and drug-use
guy 1: hey man, i have been dwelling bout the night my homie past away, i could have saved him

guy 2: don't blame yourself bro it aint your fault, no-one could have stopped the bullet
by snoogans6969 June 11, 2007
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A place where one resides or where you lay your head at night. A house, apartment or a living unit.
I live in a shitty dwelling. I wouldn't even let my friend's dog shit on my floor it's so dirty.
by Sal Vitale the fourth May 13, 2008
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To think or talk about something or someone continuously.
The worst choice for you now is to dwell on your father's death. In that way, you will never be able to overcome that grief.
by Yjmars February 13, 2016
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To bitch and complain about something until you're over it.
If someone is bothering you, dwell on it. Talk about whatever is bothering you until you don't care anymore.
by Oversized Socks January 31, 2010
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Dwelled is stepping out of reality, being free. Being zoned out from the real world. What makes you feel free? Doing the stuff you luv. From Hip-Hop to smoking weed. From skateboarding to making music. It's all Dwelled.
Ayo this weed so strong. It's getting dwelled up in here
by Dwelled June 22, 2016
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formerly known as ''Cotching'' and used when you want to chill and stay in an area.
'' im dwelling with my homies''
''im just guna dwell here..''
by younger Dipset November 25, 2006
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A character made by a talented person under the name of "Esp". This character is the "villain" in the series Where They Dismay. Along with the other important people (ex: witches, Void King, Optical), The Dwelling holds the most power and will do anything to make things go his way.

In Expansion 1, a most memorable moment in the whole franchise, now a joke between the cast is when Solenne was kicked down the stairs by The Dwelling.
Aom: "hey, i see you're named "the dwelling". so funny! i own multiple mansions, lamborghinis, and really expensive stuff that makes you want to speak to me. i also was labeled the #1 cat/dog replacement, you should 100% take that into consideration! oh, haha, silly! you want my number? of course! i'd always allow you to have my number. oh? you didn't ask? i swore you did! listen, you may have thrown one of the well written ocs down a random staircase, but that's okay! i believe we'll get along well. oh no.. i'm so sorry for my matters! i should introduce myself, sir. i am your #1 fan, the person who can replace any animals in your house as i can mimic any and all types of animal noises. i was labelled in a place formerly known as BS, now SO, as the ultimate waifu and some other admin reward, isn't that so cool? i was a co-owner once, a director at TP for 2 minutes, and so many other things! i'm rich as you can see, haha. i should've done this way before, i never meant to treat you with such disrespect. i treat people like you like you're a higher person; the royalty to my peasant. you SO want me now, right? no? what! oh, haha, i know why! is it because i didn't tell you that i am actually the president of 99.9% of the states in america? i rule all of them and i am everyone's favorite--"

The Dwelling: "Die."
by aomm133 September 1, 2021
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