A word that is very popular with liars.
Western media accusations that Tibetans have been shot by the People's Army are completely baseless.
by f*ckoffseegullsB April 8, 2008
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A person with an XY set of chromosomes whose age and self perception indicate that he is a man, yet whose way of being in the world suggest that he is, rather, a manchild. Such person lacks the basic personality, emotional, and behavioral traits that are the fundamental elements of an adult, i.e., caring for self and others, communicating like a grown up, taking responsibility for his actions. Although brief interactions and appearances may incorrectly indicate that this person is a man, his missing base of the man/adult hierarchy of needs triangle indicate that he is, in fact, a caret ("^").
OMG, Stacey, I just found out that my new boyfriend is a baseless triangle. He seemed totally cool for like 3 months, but today I passed him on the street and said "hi" and he acted like I didn't even exist. Do you think he just forgot to break up with me this morning?

Yikes! I look down and see my penis, but I see no other evidence whatsoever of my manhood. I can't support myself, when my girlfriend cries I just go out and get a beer, and my idea of fun is playing guitar with the boyz when I should be at work. I'm real funny, good looking, and the ladies say I'm a charmer. Have I become a baseless triangle, or is it possible that I just forgot to grow up?
by SnarkyJ August 4, 2016
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an argument that has nothing to support it. basically someone being a faggot for no reason
you're a faggot! that's not what your mom said to me last night. with the person being insulted being straight, this is a baseless attack
by the sharkkkkkkk April 16, 2014
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"I won the election" when you lost the election, to pick one example.
Mr. Trump and his allies intensified their baseless claims that fraud had wrongly tilted the election in Mr. Biden’s favor, filing a new lawsuit challenging the results in select counties where Mr. Biden won in Pennsylvania.
by Monkey's Dad November 10, 2020
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Information written and published without any evidence to support.
With the recent release of Fire and Fury, author Michael Wolff, it will only be a matter of time before the White House will say the book is filled with baseless facts.
by Triple Word Score January 6, 2018
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Someone who is good at starting a debate, but is terrible at making good arguments.
Person A: I'm going to tell you why Mega-Shooters X is better than Super Platformer 9!
Person B: Okay. Why?
Person A: Err... Umm....
It just is, okay?!
Person B: If you're going to start a debate like that, at least have some good arguments.
Don't be a baseless debater.
by ChameleonDragon March 9, 2018
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A baseless claim is a claim that has no base, and is typically a common counter-argument in online debates.
A baseless claim is Andrew Tate saying that women are statistically more susceptible to falling for men with a small dick instead of men with a large one
by Indy Tallen December 24, 2022
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