A person who has no substance, personality, character or knowledge. An empty shell of a human.
My manager has no idea what he's doing. He's such a husk!
by J-Guiseppe March 14, 2006
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A word that, in regional origins, comes from the city of Bristol, England and when said assertively or in a commanding tone, denotes a sense of comfortableness within ones friendship group even if hyperactivity is unsociably present and the delivery of such a remark is not, as the majority would accept, delivered with the right timing.

NOTE* very popular with groups of young men whilst drinking alcohol, and now becoming more popular with groups of young women on nights out.
(a few close friends are drinking and getting a little boisterous, and although in a crowd of people that probably don't appreciate the following, one of the group bellows:) "HUSK!"

which then immediately gets the rest of the group laughing raucously and immaturely, followed by other "HUSKS!" bellowed out by daring members of the group.
by sam austin May 5, 2011
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To like large penis , extremely loose vagina, a typical husker has been with over 30 guys and thoroughly enjoys fisting, double fisting, insertion on huge objects never intended for sexual stimulation.
Have you seen kyla lately? You sure can tell shes been husking. I hear you can drive a SUV inside her!
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the idea of being amazing, and perfect in every way

inspired by husk1442
he's not a troll anymore he's actually quite husk
by smogon August 12, 2005
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to slowly undress a hot girl
she looks hot in those clothes, but she'd look even better if i husked her.
by Rob Solonick June 22, 2005
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A penis that has been shriveled to oblivion.
My penis is so big, it's definitely not a husk.
by Blystical May 25, 2010
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a word used to swear when you cant swear in the situation.
mark: ah husk i forgot to do my homework

maddie b: what does husk mean?!

sadie: shutup mark!
by huskabarna May 22, 2016
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