Neuro is a shortened form of the term neurodivergent. It in a pejorative used in a similar fashion to retard.
by sergonus May 6, 2022
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(18:55) @/neuro > Symphony X - Inferno (Unleash The Fire) - Album: The Odyssey 05:32§256kbps 2002 !neuro 5830
by Knim October 16, 2003
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When I saw Jimi Hendrix play as a kid, I knew right there and then he was a neuro.
by Yngwie Malmsteen October 20, 2003
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someone who smokes entirely too much pot
(in slow, monotonus voice) "dude, you are such a neuro."
by TheOne August 30, 2004
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An AI twitch streamer made by vedal987, known for her osu streams.
Neuro-sama is my favorite V-Tuber.
by pawble February 3, 2023
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A sub-genre of drum n' bass that orginated with Ed Rush & Optical. It usually uses harsher and darker sounds and synths than techstep, and is generally spinned at a faster bpm to create a psycho-killer effect. It is the most heavily distortioned drum 'n bass. It is the preferred style of drum 'n bass for the criminally insane, eastern-europeans and russians. Leading artists: Noisia, Spor, Engage, & Custom Soldierz.
Dude, after listnening to that sick neuro-funk, I just want to decapitate Santa Claus in a kindergarten class.

"Neurofunk is the fun-free culmination of jungle's strategy of cultural resistance: the eroticization of anxiety."
by For2 May 7, 2010
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