A mostly derogatory term for an inexperienced graffiti writer; or used as a general term for all graffiti vandals or writers by law enforcement or graffiti abatement teams.
A tagger is the same as calling the one who places graffiti, a toy.

In most circles, someone that has skils or props in the graffiti placement world is more correctly termed to be a writer
Some damned tagger killed my wall last night. taggers are working overtime after yesterday's buff.
That tagger ain't nuthin but a scribble monkey toy.
by Billy Bubb March 25, 2009
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a retard who spends all one's time designing their initials into
a stylised motif they can then spraypaint all over other's property to feed the juvenile narcissitic need for attention they can't otherwise get from any reasonably intelligent human being.
tagger: "look at me, i can paint my initials on a wall..."

anyone: "fuck off retard!!!"
by taggers are arse June 14, 2010
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a person who does graffiti and is generally dodgy. usually steals lots and hurts script medication.
that tagger did a tag
by McGee May 11, 2004
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a word used to describe ryan taylors cat with the utmost enthusiasm

also used to describle getting lazy and/or comforable

"You got the tagger"
by Jeff and Ryan AKA turbo man November 28, 2004
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The fag who switches the brand name tags on your brand name shirt, and replaces it with K-mart or WalMart brand attire.
Fundo found out his gay friend was a tagger when he caught him attaching the new Coconut Country tag onto his Banana Republic shirt.
by authOOr July 11, 2006
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Someone that's been tagged as being on tagged.
Yup, I've caught up with you litle tagger, now haven't I?
by Hercolena Oliver August 28, 2008
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