Neurospicy is a term used by people who are neurodivergant(meaning people with ADHD, autism, etc.). It’s simply just a silly little alternate term for neurodivergant person to use and express themselves.
Person A: “Why the f— are you never able to focus on anything?!”
Person B: “I’m neuro-spicy, dumb ass.”
Person A: “What?”
Person B: “I have ADHD.”
Person A: “Oh!”
by goldenppballs January 22, 2023
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What happens if you have loads off issue’s, you have Dyslexia, you have ADHD, Dyspraxia, basically you’re screwed right?
Nope, you’re just Neuro Spicy! Embrace it !
“Dave has SO many issue’s whats wrong with him!”
“I know right, she’s TOTALLY. Neuro Spicy
by Cola-Mary July 10, 2022
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