a person who has a developmental disorder and/or a mental illness
Amy, who has Asperger's, prefers to think of herself as neurodivergent rather than flawed or ill.

Peter is schizophrenic, and he also thinks "neurodivergent" is a better way to describe his brain, because it does not pathologize him.

Sam is both autistic and bipolar, and uses neurodivergent because it allows them to talk about their experiences as both non-allistic and non-mentally-"healthy" in a way that doesn't carry a bunch of extra judgments about what's good or normal.
by Nate 277 October 4, 2014
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A term used to describe people with neurodevelopmental disorders. Originally used referring to autism but was expanded to include things such as ADHD. commonly misused on sites such as tumblr to describe anyone with a mental illness, but this is a misuse of the term.
Sarah is neurodivergent
by bingusboingus April 17, 2019
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Someone either diagnosed or self-diagnosed with a developmental disorder that affects their learning, attention, or mood.
Or if you are on Twitter, someone who self-diagnosed themself with ADHD and expects everything to be handed to them.
Girl: "Omg I am neurodivergent so you need to give me a 15% discount on this drink!"
Guy: "I don't give a fuck, just pay and get out."
by LCDR Coomer April 8, 2021
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a word that has been widely warped by Twitter and cartoon fans overall. Total C9H9HgNaO2S moment.
anyone who thinks neurodivergent means different is a pheeb
by Echold2006 April 15, 2023
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used when a twitter stan tries to accuse you of ableism or tries to make a disability a trend
that’s ableist i’m neurodivergent so i get to make the rules
by imhfools January 6, 2021
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Amazing humans who tend to attract one another because people/neurotypicals are so damn confusing
Humans who are neurodivergent are fucking amazing
They're neurodivergent; they understand the world differently to the neurotypicals
by polymath_ July 8, 2021
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