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The most Badass Drum n Bass musician the worlds has ever seen.

famous tracks:
Spor - Molehill
Spor - 103 Degrees
Spor - 1up
Spor - Clarets March
Spor - Levitate
Spor - Supernova
by bancontrol April 13, 2009
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(n.)---refers to a long nap, often after taking part in a time consuming activity.
I had a long day of class, I went home and took a spor before going out for the evening.

by RJV17 February 13, 2008
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A graffiti name that is taken as of 1999 in California: LA, Orange County, and Sacramento Bay Areas.
" Damn!, that fool Spor Has crazy can control and styles. "
by SpoR January 02, 2005
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An acronym standing for: Stupid Person On Rentals.

Slang used by locals who fear for their lives because of tourists who have no idea what they are doing.
Billy got sent to the hospital after a spor clipped him, knocking him into a lift pole.
by Jeffofcolorado September 26, 2008
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Stupid Person On Rental Skis (or snowboard, they are generaly the people who cant ski for shit and end up making the slopes even more dangerous and chaotic
person 1 "man look at those SPORS"
person 2 " ya they should go back to vail or aspen where they belong"
peson 1 "ya if one of them hits me i am so going vail style on their ass!"

(see vail style)
by Nick November 02, 2005
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