"Hey do you want to come over and watch Netflix? Sure. Now I have a dick in my mouth."
by Cheeseypeesey April 27, 2015
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Negro loving streamimg app.
Netflix sucks pushing diversity like the wanna be

Us Government.
Watch any good movies lately?
No to many token negros depicting lives as others

Cos they can't live there own .
by Who gives a fuck I dont August 29, 2019
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usually a place where college dropouts watch two seasons of breaking bad or whatever. they sit on their couch eating a whole jar of nutella.
friend: hey you wanna play?
netflix addict: no thanks. im gonna watch netflix and waste my life.
by bigbuffcheetopuff July 21, 2015
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The biggest reason why college students have a remarkably low GPA
Frank has a 2.01 GPA and is in danger of academic probation because he spends too much on Netflix
by partyrockstar222 November 3, 2016
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For dumbass people who can’t figure out how to find movies online.
The internet? You say, I can find movies?

Nah. I'm gonna be smart. With Netflix: I'll "pay" to watch a movie.
by dogsread31 February 15, 2011
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A condition in which the afflicted person doesn't watch any programming that isn't on the video-on-demand service Netflix to the exclusion of all other video-on-demand services.

This could be due to economical reasons or simply a personal preference.
Alex is Netflixated; if it's not on Netflix, Alex won't watch it so don't even bother suggesting it!

Unaffected Person: Did you see (insert the name of the show)?
Netflixated Person: Is it on Netflix?

I get so frustrated with people who are Netflixated because they can't discuss anything that isn't on Netflix!

Don't talk about (insert name of show) or you'll spoil it for me because I'm Netflixated and I've only seen seasons 1-4 since that's all Netflix has.

Unaffected Person: Thanks for recommending (insert name of obscure show)--I loved it! How did you find it?
Netflixated Person: Oh, no problem. I'm Netflixated and know about all kinds of interesting programs deep in the bowels of Netflix.
by TeaInTheMoment February 24, 2018
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A sport that requires much devotion to sitting around all day and focusing on watching an entire season of a series.
"Hey, can you come over today"

"Nah sorry man, im in the middle of some hardcore netflixing"
by Doggirl57 January 6, 2014
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