A unit of currency. One netflix is equivalent to the cost of two netflix subscriptions.
"How much do I owe you?"
"3 Netflix."
"What am I made of? Money?!"
by commajosh March 09, 2018
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Her: Let's watch the first episode!
Him: I don't have movie Spotify...
Her: You mean Netflix?!
by CommieRade91 May 15, 2018
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the thing that stops me from doing anything and drains my sisters bank account
friend: why are you in shit again

me: cause i was watching netflix , and didn,t do anything
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by skengtrooper May 28, 2020
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(netflix) n.

the reasons i dont have friends anymore
"hey eli wanna go town later with us?"

"um sorry i have to wash my cat"

"nahhh im watching pll on netflix today"
by elizzzabeth September 01, 2015
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Joe Biden: Hey Obama! Lets go watch Cuties on Netflix!

Obama: Sure thing!

Joe Biden: Lets go!
by Nahhloll October 13, 2020
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My best friend always there when I need her , she has a variety of stuff for everyone to watch including the best of

Brooklyn nine nine


Big Bang therory

That 70s show
Big Bang theory

American horror story

Orange is the new black

The good place

Jane the virgin

Santa Clarita diet

Stranger things


And many more
What’s that amazing thing ?!”

“O it’s NeTfLiX
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by Tessa’s bae July 30, 2019
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