It is when someone screws you over; such as in the show Price is Right. You bet 1200, and the dick after you bets 1201, thus eliminating your chances of winning unless the price is exactly 1200.
I was gonna get a cream doughnut but the dick in front of me 01'ed me out of it. What a douche.
by Joe Name August 9, 2010
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The term '01' stands for 0121 do one, and is commonly used as a nice way of telling people to 'fuck off'. Generally '01' is followed by a derogatory term and is used by people who shorten almost every word in common tongue.
Person 1: "I might go for a drink tonight."

Person 2: " Just '01' then you mince"
by Bodders91 January 19, 2012
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A suffix attached to any noun to signify this subject as a prime example of said noun. Can be continued using only odd numbers to describe multiple nubs. for instance: noun01, noun03, noun09 etc.
Birl-01- The prime or first birl
"Oh ok asshole01 over here."-roughly translated 'You are the biggest asshole ever'
by ResidentStump July 28, 2009
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International time for discipline.

5:00 crack open the beer.

5:01 the beatings commence.
Bob: "What happened to you?"

Larry: "I tagged a guy's fence and he found me at 5:01."
by studium January 26, 2010
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A very intense and concentrated level of anger. This is the anger one feels showing up at McDonalds at 11:01 on Sunday morning wanting only an Egg McMuffin, but you are one minute late for breakfast and are refused your tasty, coagulated treat. "11:01" can be used in almost all forms of speech, but works best as a dangling participle. See examples.
Dude, if Urban Dictionary rejects this entry, I'll be so 11:01
by Bhig Pharma & The Impossible H November 12, 2010
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Also known as: 12:01 A.M., zero hundred one hours.

The time of day, after 00:00 and before 00:02.
- Hey, what time is it?
- It’s 00:01 (zero hundred one hours).
by Yamato Yamamoto May 13, 2021
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