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Her: Let's watch the first episode!
Him: I don't have movie Spotify...
Her: You mean Netflix?!
by CommieRade91 May 15, 2018
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My best friend always there when I need her , she has a variety of stuff for everyone to watch including the best of

Brooklyn nine nine


Big Bang therory

That 70s show
Big Bang theory

American horror story

Orange is the new black

The good place

Jane the virgin

Santa Clarita diet

Stranger things


And many more
What’s that amazing thing ?!”

“O it’s NeTfLiX
by Tessa’s bae July 30, 2019
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An app/website that provides entertainment, such as movies and TV shows. Beware! Once you have a Netflix account and started watching a show, you are now under Netflix's control. Research has shown that Netflix is highly addictive, so there's no turning back!
"I have homework!"
*Sees Netflix*
*Forgets about homework and ends up not sleeping and starts watching Netflix*
by G. Watson February 13, 2018
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A polite way of asking for sexual favors. To engage in sexual acts with another person, esp. a new person you don't know well.
Hey babe, want to come over at Netflix? I could use some cuddling and Netflix.
by VeganSunrise April 12, 2015
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a video streaming site that never has what your looking for, so you have to sign up for 10 different streaming sites because video stores are no longer an option.
I was looking for airplane but it seems like Netflix removed it
by Marble September 7, 2018
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Mom: honey, why don't you go outsi-
Mom: but you're so pale
by Mac Daddy Chicken Lord January 27, 2017
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"Hey do you want to come over and watch Netflix? Sure. Now I have a dick in my mouth."
by Cheeseypeesey April 27, 2015
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