Despite the name, neocons are neither new nor conservative. Neocons favor globalization, upper-class tax cuts to bankrupt the government, taxing only earned income, teaching that masturbation can cause pregnancy, banning gay marriage, ruling the world, and election systems which don't have a paper trail. Don't try to converse with neocons; they take any sort of criticism as censorship, and will often resort Serdar Argic-style debate tactics.
Anyone you see on 24-hour news
by Xyzzy January 09, 2005
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neo con stands for Neo-Conservative, or "new" conservative. It represents the current Republican party in the US. People, like GW Bush, who call themselves neo cons believe that God almighty has made the USA the most powerful and wealthiest nation on Earth so that the USA can lead the rest of the world. They also believe that the USA has the right to stick its nose into any foreign locale to right what they see as wrongs.

This is similar to the insane notion of "Manifest Destiny," which was believed by most, if not all, Americans in the 19th Century. Manifest Destiny is the belief that, yes, God wanted the entire continent of North America, or at least the good parts, to belong to one country under the control of the United States of America. This ludicrous justification was what drove Americans to conquer the West and genocide over 10 million indigenous people. This fantasy is still taught as fact in US schools to every 3rd grader, but they mostly skip the part about the genocide and focus on how God chose the USA to tame the West.
by HKman April 29, 2008
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invincible on the home front, but invisible on the REAL front (the front lines of a war, that is).

basically a tough-talking, know-nothing blowhard who lives vicariously through our REAL heroes - the brave fighting men and women in uniform who preserve the freedom by which we live.
those damn blood-thirsty, flag-waving uber-patriot neo-cons are at it again, sticking their big fat hairy noses where they don't belong!
by sascha dinkelmann May 01, 2006
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(ne oh kon) derived from the Greek prefix Neos and transitive verb Con.

1. New age / new ways of spreading false, misleading or untrue information.
A. New age liar
B. New ways to convince others of untrue information for means of profit.
C. New age fake
Fox news are a bunch of neo-cons that could care less about America.
by impsick January 05, 2008
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A corporate socialist, or political atheist, who represents the interests of the richest 100 or so people in the world (aka Global Control of the masses). Neocons mostly pose as republicans. Neocons pretend to support good ideas like free markets and free people, but work tirelessly to promote corporate socialism and monopolism that control people. Big corporate $ supports neocons. That is why they win more elections than genuine conservatives (truecons). Modern day progressive "liberals" love to paint neocons as "extreme right wingers" to keep up their cover in the republican party to further corrupt it.
T.R. was the 1st neocon republican president, followed by all republican and democrat presidents thereafter, except Harding, Coolidge, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and somewhat Reagan.
by John Deigh February 27, 2011
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