A type of Government form where the Government is controlled by military leaders or puppets of the military leaders.
Japan est. 1930-1945
by Martin Gregory January 21, 2004
1)To lay down a military caliber smack down.
2)To beat some one the way the U.S. military would beat a threatening country.
That guy stole my bike. Imma have to militarize on that fool!
by rafiq basaria October 17, 2005
To act hostile or initiate an argument with someone without being provoked.
Beef just militarized on me by making fun of the girl I banged.
A jararted person. The only word to describe him is "jararted".
Person 1: How's Jared Militar?
Person 2: He's Jararted
by Discorduser717 October 31, 2019
n. A philosophy, espoused by the Republican Party, advocating endless tax cuts on rich people, cutting safety restrictions and trade regulations, and unilaterally invading sovereign nations.
For the last thirty years, the dominant ideology in America has been anarcho-militarism.
by IFKaramazov August 12, 2011
(n.) (American spelling) A part of a country which is not occupied (and is not intended to be occupied) by home troops.
The rhineland was origianally to be a de-militarized zone.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 20, 2004