1)An organization that attempts to use creativity and higher levels of cognition to help to make the world a better place.
2)A place where neo-conservatives remove their brains and place them in a pot of boiling water. The results are then eaten just before the participants go on talk shows. Sometimes the hosts are even brought a small plate of the delicacy before the taping, to help them concentrate. Lou Dobbs is reportedly a big fan, while Bill O'Reilly does not partake. The hellfire burning in his belly is eternal, and does not need replenishment.
1)We formed a think tank to solve the problem of global warming, but thought it might be more fun to take our Escalades and Hummers out for a spin around the capitol building.
2)Before they prepared my frontal cortex for the think tank, the procedure was explained to me. They remove the areas of critical thinking, and leave only rage and the speech centers. I didn't mind, as these areas had atrophied years ago. Lip-smackin' good!
by Pantaloon January 16, 2008
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A think tank is a research institute or other organization providing advice and ideas on problems of policy, commerce, and military interest, and are often associated with military laboratories, corporations, academia, or other institutions. Usually this term refers specifically to organizations which support multi-disciplinary theorists and intellectuals who endeavor to produce analysis or policy recommendations.
Contrary to popluar belief, a think tank is not mutually exclusive to any political party and/or organization. Media reflection makes it seem that conservatives/Republicans use think tanks more than liberals/Democrats only because conservative think tanks have far more press releases.
by LizDay December 15, 2005
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An organization that neither is a tank of any form, nor does it's workings involve any logical thought processes.
Various Neo-conservatives are members of influential think tanks
by Calico_Jack September 21, 2003
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problem-solving thinking
let's think tank about immigration problem
by le1 November 20, 2007
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1.It's when person takes a crap and reflects about a long hard day.

2.Taking a crap in an intellectual, yet philosophical way.
"Today: I failed my test, got fired from my job and now my girl friend wants to break up with me. I gotta use the think tank."
by Ralphalph May 21, 2007
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look bitch you keep talkin that shit imma rock you on your think tank and have your snot box leakin
by Slump June 18, 2004
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Conference room that is used more often to have sex in than actually come up with ideas for the company.
Guy#1: Wow i can't believe Jason choked in the Think Tank.

Guy#2: Wrong time to let loose a stinky fart.
by Jaehoal P. Owns October 21, 2011
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