Gameplay, reaction video, etc. with voiceover. Simply put, any kind of competition, video, etc. with voiceover.
Hey guys, this is my first commentary video don't judge my voice...
by Arcxxus January 25, 2022
When a person whose parents left him/her decided to dropout of highschool and use the tuition fee for buying a pc and start stupid drama and call it content.
by Roboticlads April 22, 2022
When a person whose parents left him/her decided to dropout of highschool and use his tuition fee to buy a pc. They usually make useless drama and call them content even though it's not.
by Roboticlads April 22, 2022
A group of commentary YouTubers that include WillNE, ImAllexx, James Marriott, iNabber, Memeulous, Cam Kirkham, Lewis Buchan, Ciarán Carlin, and other affiliates.
Have you heard about the Commentary Crew?” said Jack.
“Yeah, they’re pretty good.” replied Owen.
by The TV License Man January 16, 2021
Commentary club is a very epic poggers club that need to recruit fiji :P
p1: i got a new iphone
p2: thats so commentary club
by Gucci Gang Kieran December 2, 2020
Someone who is involved with the happenings of the YouTube commentary community to an extreme, almost obnoxious degree. They spend a lot of time ranting ("Sperging out") about petty drama and have extensive, often unnecessary knowledge about said dramas.

Said people often have no life outside of the internet and spend their spare time in commentary discord servers or calling into livestreams to "Debate" others on recent drama, Despite Usually having no following of their own. Often, commentary spergs are used by the YouTubers themselves for information about events in the community.
Person one: I just found out that in a 2018 livestream, *Youtuber* made a negative comment about Keemstar-

Person two: You're such a commentary sperg.
by metaz January 19, 2023
When you are listening to the commentary of a game, homer commentary is demonstrated when the game's commentary is cheering for the home team. Yelling for fouls, at miss shots, at the refs, maybe even for a shot to be missed by the opposing player. Mostly used by the Milwaukee Bucks and sometimes the Boston Celtics.
(5.2 seconds left)
Commentary: Bryant has the ball, turns arounds at the elbow. Jumps, shoots...
Homer Commentary: MISS IT!
Commentary: And he banks it in at the buzzer! Lakers win! 98-96!
Homer Commentary: Bucks lost the game because of the bad calls, nothing you can do about it.
by Henry Yates January 18, 2010