1. What Barack Obama fails at pretending not to be.

2. A person who attempts to destroy a country by driving its economy into the ground through war mongering and constant spending

3. A President who should be shot for treason for not listening to the people.
bob: Man even Dubbua wasn't such a neocon like Obama

Rob: Yeah, Obama should be hung for treason for being such a neocon!
by Vampire847 August 28, 2010
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A combination of "Neo"(new) and "Con"(conservative).

"Neocon" is the term for both a new and old (reborn) form of Conservativism. A break from the Reublican party and return to more traditional Conservative values. This represents a fracturing of the Right. Neocons tend to be young, idealistic, and even dogmatic activists. They tend to have above-average intelligence and education. They are very similar to the movements of the 1960s, but with different core values. They are both pessimistic about the current system, and optimistic about the difference they can make.

It is difficult to lock Neocons down to a specific set of values, because they come from a wide variety of backgrounds (including minorities and gays) and have a wide variance in their ideals. Overall, Neocons are pro-life and support the death penalty. Many neocons are religious or "spiritual" in one way or another. They are not necessarily Christian, although that is the religion to which most of them subscribe. Neocons preach tolerance and coexistence without political correctness. They tend to strongly support both the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution. Neocons support Capitalism, but view being beholden to corporate interests with great distaste. And while compromise is a necessary evil in politics, when in doubt, neocons will stick to their guns. Too much compromise is the hallmark of selling out. They believe that the current political process has become so corrupt that no politician can get anywhere without selling out to various interests.

Neocons view the increasingly centrist philosophy of Republican politicians with the same distaste that their radically Liberal opponents feel for the Democrats. Both of the Big Two parties have been migrating towards the center for some time now, leaving behind many on either side. This is manifested by the power wielded by third-party candidates, which was decisive in determining the outcomes of the 1992, 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections. (And resulting in much backbiting on either the Left or the Right afterwards)

This is a new age in American politics. The rise of neoconservativism was one of the more unforseen and underestimated political developments in the last two decades. With similar fracturing on the Liberal side of the political divide, the power-hold of the Big Two parties (Republican and Democrat) is being shaken, and voting for a third-party candidate no longer means you are just "throwing your vote away." The future may be a very interesting time for all of us, Liberal or Conservative.
“The neo-conservatism of the 1980s is a replay of the New Conservatism of the 1950s, which was itself a replay of the New Era philosophy of the 1920s” (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.).
by Heptarch July 05, 2005
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n. 1. a convert to conservativism. 2. code used by left-wing anti-semites to identify a conservative Jew 3. a word used by a moron trying to sound intelligent.
1. David Horowitz is a neocon
2. Chris Matthews called Bill Safire a neocon
3. Mick Jagger called Chris Matthews a neocon
by champagneforceasar June 08, 2007
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1. Any person who is winning an argument with a liberal

2. Catch all term used by liberals when they think they've been using Nazi too much.

3. A common element found in conspiracy theories.
1. Conservative: Al Sharpton is not a nice man, he's played a big part in instigating racial violence, and many of his statements are anti-Semitic
Liberal: You neocon bastards hate black people.

2. Conservative: Free speech is important in all situations even when it offends people.
Liberal: You're just a Nazi.
Conservative: In fact offensive speech sometimes is necessary, the Declaration of Independence may have been offensive to King George
Liberal: Shut up you Nazi
Conservative: Can you argue by doing something other than calling me a Nazi?
Liberal: shut up you necon

3. Bush and the Neo-cons caused 9-11
by Graham P Shaw April 13, 2007
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An ultra-leftist, largely in the United States and Europe, who uses supposed "socialist" arguments to support what are objectively right-wing, pro-imperialist positions.

Anarcho-neocons portray Western government regime-change efforts as progressive revolutions, while smearing anti-imperialists and anti-war activists -- who think, 'Hey, maybe we shouldn't destroy countries in the Global South' -- as "tankies," "Assadists," and "Stalinists."

Anarcho-neocons agree with old-fashioned neoconservatives that imperialism will bring "authoritarian" countries "democracy."

Anarcho-neocons are always leftier than thou; no existing leftist government will ever be good enough for them. But contras armed and trained by the CIA to disembowel and crucify Third World nationalists are so dope! No flags, no gods, no masters, no socialists, definitely no communists, and please folx no more anti-imperialists!

Also see: Idlibs
Charles Davis, Shane Bauer, and Molly Crabapple are all anarcho-neocon psychos who think CIA-backed Takfiri death squads in Syria are heroic revolutionaries.
by madurosmoustache June 10, 2020
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One of many phrases that Bob The Builder uses every day.
Fuck Neocons!!!

... I Mean FUCK NEOCONS!!!!
... and I mean Fuck 'em!!!
by psod.net April 26, 2004
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