A social media influencer's version of an apology.

S = Sad, because their apology is pretty sad.
D = Deflecting, because they never take responsibility for their actions.
S = Statement, they're not apologies because they never actually apologize, so it's a statement.
A: Did you here *insert influencer's name here* apology?
B: Nah bro, it wasn't an apology, it was an SDS
by the_syndicate August 30, 2020
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small dick syndrome, common occurance in extreme losers.
OMG Trav Has SDS!!!!!!
by AHHH darcie August 23, 2005
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SDS is another word for Seven Deadly Sins. Which is a very good anime.
Me: wanna watch SDS
You: Sure!
*Finds out meliodas dies*
You looking at this: AAAAAAAAAAAH SPOILERS
by InfinitySleepYT February 18, 2022
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this is the worst week ever ... sds
i failed my exams !! sds !
by vibewidit December 6, 2011
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Small Dick Syndrome. Having self esteem issues with your small weiner.
Common symptoms include: obtaining law enforcement careers, riding racing motorcycles, unusual unwaranted hostility (especially directed at couples), desperate fashion choices, excessive attempts of displaying "confidence", a social status of "single".
Did you see that chub on the crotch rocket? Talk about a serious case of SDS.

Our waiter is a total prick... he must have SDS.
by nary dict September 17, 2005
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Students for a Democratic Society. It was founded in the 1960s as a radical student organization. It was dissolved in 1969 but a new generation of activists have revived it as of 2006 as the "New SDS."
The SDS is making a comeback.
by NeverTooLate July 22, 2007
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A group of losers who stay up way too late at night for no reason but to speak to each other because they all love each other
Darryl: Why are you staying up so late?
James: I'm a member of the SDS
by SDS member June 24, 2020
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