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A tall, blond man-boy who wears a lot of plaid, short or long sleeves. Sweet, but enjoys movies with lots of boobs. Likes to make up phrases that people have never heard of. enjoys drinking sour puss, and hates to drink beer. Nai-Nay is a playa, who knows how to please the ladies, and when there are no ladies, he sure can pleasure himself! A master of Halo and everything to do with XBox, due to his obsession, he is slightly pasty. Like Dinosaurs both on his socks and pillow. Has an extensive movie collection on his Mac, and 151 on the first shelf of his bookcase. Like to live with Guatemalans, Irish Folk and Calgarians.
Guy 1: That guy sure wears a lot of plaid.
Guy 2: Yep, he sure is a Nai-Nay
by ThePlaidLads October 16, 2013
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